Sleeping in a -10C hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE!

– You’re probably wondering how I got here, so let me explain. (funky music) – [Peter] Alright, how do you feel? We got no mic on this, but I’m pretty cold right now. – I can’t feel my fingers. – I can’t feel anything. We are in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. We’ve been taking photos all day. Getting a little bit of late start to this vlog, but none the less, it’s gonna be a great one. Feeling good, Matty? – [Matty] Oh yeah. – Feeling good. Woo! (funky music) See this hallway right here? This is no ordinary hallway. This is my actual hotel. I’m staying here tonight. Where’s my room?

That’s my room right there. Alright, are you guys ready for this? This is the craziest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. (funky music) What is happening? This is entire hotel, this whole, this entire hotel is made of ice. Seriously, like the entire hotel. The lobby, the bar, the hallways, all the rooms, ice, snow, everything’s ice. Like look at this. Champagne glasses for us. Complete ice. Privacy walls, completely ice. So this is where I’m actually sleeping tonight. It’s like minus six degree Celsius in this room, and I actually have to sleep in here. But we should probably do like a proper hotel room tour ’cause that’s, you know, becoming a thing for this channel. A little hotel room tour, so let’s do this a proper way. – Dude, this place. – [Peter] I’m so cold. – It’s crazy. –

[Peter] I was just saying we gotta do a proper hotel room tour. You gotta help me with this. – You want me to do it? – [Peter] Yeah, 100%. Ready, one, two, three, catch! – No, no, no, no! (slow funky music) ♪ Back in the day ♪ – Let’s start with a proper PM style hotel room tour. Check out the bed, let’s start there. These nice, beautiful, icy, snowy steps. One, two, three, four, all the way up to this completely icy massively over-the-top bed of ice. Super comfortable. This is probably a reindeer because everything’s reindeers. I’ve had like five reindeers since I’ve been here. I’ve had raw reindeer, I’ve had cooked reindeer, I’ve had reindeers for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. I’m surrounded by these massive ice– I’m not even sure what these are. I don’t know if they’re like sculptures or just here to make sure I don’t roll out of the bed during the night onto the icy floor ’cause it’s like a six-foot drop. That’s exaggerated, it’s like a three-foot drop, but still dropping out of a bed three feet onto solid ice in the middle of the night in pitch black. Uh, no thanks. How is this safe? I need a rope. Here’s something you’ve probably never seen. This here is an actual outlet jam packed into a snowy, icy wall. I’m gonna charge my phone here tonight just because I can. Come this way. Look how shiny these are.


These walls have lights in them. So I don’t even know how that works, but these solid, rock hard snow. If you got your head smashed ho ho bad news. Super icy, solid, snowy walls, incredible. Speaking of the walls, look how high the ceiling is. I couldn’t believe it. That’s the highest ceiling of any hotel room I’ve ever been in. You could fit an actual airplane in this hotel. You could fit two airplanes in this hotel room. We should totally fly the drone in here. Think that would work? Okay so that doesn’t work at all. I think Nicole’s staying right across the hall. I wanna see what her room looks like ’cause she’s like seen the snow before. I think this is it. If it’s not, it’ll be really awkward. – Oh hey, Peter. – [Peter] You’re freezing? How cold are you right now? Are you wrapped in a reindeer? – Yeah, yeah I am, I am. – [Peter] Oh my goodness, how are you dealing with this element? – I’m not I don’t think. – [Peter] Based on the lifestyle you typically live in South Africa. (upbeat electronic music) Good luck with that. Alright, let’s continue the tour. So, through this icy little narrow hallway, lies the big, mysterious, vaulted door. Behind this giant, vaulted door, accessed by this key is another door. And this the warm room. This is where you go if you can’t handle the cold. So our sleeping bags, bath tub. That’s the sauna. Matty would know about the sauna. – Dude, close the door, man. – This bath is like a giant tea cup! It’s huge! I mean, I can’t say that I’ve ever slept in an ice hotel before, but I mean, come on, how bad can it actually be? They also gave us these huge sleeping bags. So, I mean like look at this. These are gonna be super warm. So, it’s not gonna be bad at all, it’ll be fine. This is cold. – Hi, Peter. – Why are you in my bed? – What are you talking about? This is my bed. – No, this is my bed. – No, it’s mine. – No, it’s mine. – It’s mine. – This is my room, you’re in my bed. – I’ve been here forever. – No you have not. – What are you talking about? – Why are you in my bed? – This is my bed. – No, it’s not your bed. – This is my bed. – How did you even get in here? – What are you talking about? I got a key card. – How did you get my key card? – This is my key card. – Can you at least turn off the lights? (upbeat music) Thanks, hey can you make it a double? Yeah. (upbeat music) ♪ Going down your hand in my hand ♪ ♪ Coming home to tell you what I’m feelin’ ♪


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